[Trans] Park Jung Min CHOIS COFFEE 2015 Spokesperson

Credits: ChoisCoffee崔逸斯

Yahoo! Today it has been officially announced that Jung Min will be the spokesperson for CHOIS COFFEE in the year of 2015! A brief introduction: CHOIS COFFEE is a South Korean coffee chain based in China, more exactly in Guangzhou. As of now, most of their shops are located in Guangzhou, but they also have shops in a few other Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Zhenjiang and Yixing, so if you find yourself traveling to one of these cities (maybe in the future they will expand to more) it would be nice if you could also include one of CHOIS COFFEE shops in your itinerary 😁 If you are interested in finding more about CHOIS COFFEE, please check out their official site choiscoffee.com . Also, if you have a Weibo account and haven`t followed ChoisCoffee崔逸斯 yet, please do so! And in case you also have WeChat, you can follow them over there as well, ID is CHOISCOFFEE 



Hello everyone, I am SS501`s Park Jung Min who starting with 2015 will be the spokesperson for Chois Coffee.
I myself like to drink coffee very much, (therefore) I am very honoured to be the spokesperson of Chois Coffee.
At the same time, I also like Chois Coffee`s flavour, among which the waffles combined with the coffee`s flavour make an extremely nice match, furthermore, the style of Chois Coffee`s shops is very simple and elegant, with a warm atmosphere, making people feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, there aren`t very many good tasting coffee shops, at Chois Coffee shops though you can taste great coffee, I hope everybody can become a regular costumer of Chois Coffee.
I am looking forward to Chois Coffee`s growth in China, becoming the representative brand of  Korea’s coffee.
CHOIS COFFEE fighting!

Credits ChoisCoffee
Uploaded on youtube by Rominka

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Hello everyone! I am the spokesperson of CHOIS COFFEE in 2015, Park Jung Min from SS501


I like coffee very much, I`m very honoured to be able to become CHOIS COFFEE`s spokesperson


I like the flavour of the coffee from CHOIS COFFEE very much, serving it with waffles truly is the perfect match


I hope everybody can come to the shop and taste the machless flavour of waffles and coffee


I, Park Jung Min, always support CHOIS COFFEE.
Chois Coffee, fighting!18


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